Via Noir

Welcome to Miami!
¡Bienvenido a Miami!

Miami, Florida | Saturday, November 12, 2016

Via Noir is Miami's long awaited sequel to the victorious #Recursion anomaly of 2014.

The Resistance won Via Lux, and we will need your help to keep that momentum going with the last anomaly of the year!


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To participate in Via Noir (and get that all-important badge) you must be registered with both Niantic and the anomaly itself.

Via Noir Resistance

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Via Noir Miami
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Why are there 2 registrations to complete?

Registering with Niantic ensures that you will get an in scanner anomaly medal. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase Niantic's Via Noir anomaly swag packs in order to guarantee entry to their after party. Registering with the Resistance gets the ball rolling with the arduous process of assigning everyone into appropriate teams for anomaly day. Note: If you register at one website, but not the other, you may not get your Via Noir badge.

Isn't Wynwood where they have Zika?

There were reports of Zika infections in August, however extensive testing conducted by the CDC has shown that the Wynwood area is “Zika free” as of mid-September. For more up-to-date information, please visit the CDC's website.

OK, what about getting hit by a hurricane?

No worries, hurricane season officially ends on November 1.

This doesn't look like everything, where do I get more questions answered?

The link was too obvious, so you missed it earlier. Try here.

Visiting Miami

South Florida Resistance is looking forward to hosting many out of town guests. Miami conjures different visions and sterotypes for different people, resulting in visitors further adding to the premise that South Florida is a true melting pot of people, nationalities and cultures.

Whether you're staying for the day, or making the most of this opportunity for an extended stay, you'll want the insider tips and tricks to get around.

Visiting Miami Guide

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The Swag Shop is up and running. Go get your gear!

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#Recursion Anomaly, Miami FL, Feb 2014